Prizes and Awards

Karp Prize

The Karp Prize, established in 1973 in memory of Professor Carol Karp, is awarded for an outstanding paper or book in the field of symbolic logic. This award is made by the Association on the recommendation of the ASL Committee on Prizes and Awards. This prize is given for a “connected body of research, most of which has been completed in the time since the previous prize was awarded.” The Prize is awarded every five years and consists of a cash award. The deadline for nominations is December 31 of the year before the given award and should be sent to the chair of the committee on prizes and awards. For example, the deadline for the 2023 Karp prize is December 31, 2022.

The nomination should mention what the body of research is that is relevant for awarding the prize (e.g., reference to a paper or to a book). It is possible but not necessary to include one or two supporting letters. The nomination letter should contain an at most one-page long statement describing the nature, content, and importance of the work to be rewarded.

Karp Prize Recipients

Sacks Prize

The Sacks Prize is awarded annually for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in mathematical logic; it was established to honor the late Professor Gerald Sacks of MIT and Harvard for his unique contribution to mathematical logic, particularly as an adviser to a large number of excellent Ph.D. students. The Prize became an ASL Prize in 1999; the Fund on which the Prize is based is now administered by the ASL and the selection of the recipient is made by the ASL Committee on Prizes and Awards. The Sacks Prize consists of a cash award plus five years free membership in the ASL.

This is an international prize, with no restriction on the nationality of the candidate or the university where the doctorate is granted.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 30 each year. For more information, see the Nominations page.

Sacks Prize Recipients

Shoenfield Prize

The Shoenfield Prize is awarded for outstanding expository writing in the field of logic. It was established by the ASL to honor the late Joseph R. Shoenfield for his many outstanding contributions to logic and to the Association. Generations of logicians have especially valued Shoenfield’s expository gifts, and his writings provide models of lucidity and elegance. This award is made by the Association on the recommendation of the ASL Committee on Prizes and Awards.

There is a Shoenfield Prize for a book and another for an expository article, each to be awarded simultaneously every three years. The Prizes consist of a cash award. Any new book published during the nine years prior to the award year is eligible; any article published during the six years prior to the award year is eligible. The deadline for nominations is November 1 of the year of the award and should be sent to the Chair of the Committee on Prizes and Awards, Justin Moore, by email:

Shoenfield Prize Recipients

Gödel Lecturers

The Gödel Lecture is an invited address delivered each year, with the location of the lecture alternating between the North American Annual Meeting and the European Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium). The ASL Committee on Prizes and Awards is charged with selecting the Gödel Lecturer based on outstanding contributions to logic through research and scholarship.

Gödel Lecturers

To contribute to the Karp Prize Fund, the Sacks Prize Fund, or the Shoenfield Prize Fund, please send your contributions to the ASL office (Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut, 341 Mansfield Road, U-1009 Storrs, CT 06269-1009, USA); all such contributions are tax-deductible within the USA.