Instructions for Authors for the Perspectives in Logic

Authors are invited to send a detailed book proposal including a table of contents and preface or introduction with a sample of the rest of the manuscript (if available) to any of the editors. The Editorial Board shall decide whether the book is suitable for the series. If so a contract for publication will be offered subject to the appropriateness of the final manuscript and agreement on a date for its presentation. As the manuscript is being prepared, authors are encouraged to remain in contact with the Editorial Board which may provide comments and suggestions.

Each listed author of a submission to the PiL must be an identifiable human being. In particular, anonymous authorship is not permitted. Pseudonyms are permitted as long as the editors receive full and accurate information about the name and contact data for the author.

In light of these requirements, no Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool can be listed as an author of any submission. However, any use of such tools in the research for, or the preparation of, the submission should be in compliance with the general guidelines mentioned above and must be fully acknowledged and described to both the editors and readers where relevant in the submission and in a general way in the Acknowledgements in the submission. Similarly, the use of other general aids, human or machine, in translation, writing or editing should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgements of the submission. This last requirement does not apply to standard word processing or translation programs.

Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that all persons listed as authors have given their approval for the submission of the paper, and that the same work (1) has not been published elsewhere; (2) is not presently submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere; and (3) will not be submitted elsewhere unless the manuscript is either withdrawn from or rejected by the PiL first. Moreover, each listed author takes responsibility for its content and its compliance with the general guidelines for submissions to the PiL including expectations for proper citations, copyright rules and avoidance of conflicts or interest, defamation, bias, harassment or plagiarism. Authors should also review the ASL’s policy on Publication Ethics.

Style files for the ASL books series are available and authors are strongly encouraged to use them.