ASL Sponsored Journals

In 2009, the ASL Council authorized the new category of ASL Sponsored Journals. This rubric is intended to promote the visibility of and access to new, perhaps specialized, journals in logic and/or its applications that are not-for-profit and available at a cost far less than that typically found at the major commercial publishers. ASL Sponsored Journals can be in electronic format, print, or both.

Current Sponsored Journals

Journal of Logic and Analysis

The Journal of Logic and Analysis is an open access journal that examines the interaction between ideas or techniques from mathematical logic and other areas of mathematics, especially, but not limited to, pure and applied analysis. The journal publishes papers in nonstandard analysis and related areas of applied model theory; papers involving interplay between mathematics and logic (including foundational aspects of such interplay); and mathematical papers using or developing analytical methods having connections to any area of mathematical logic.