*New Release* The fourth and final volume of papers from the Cabal Seminar has been released: “Large Cardinals, Determinacy and Other Topics: The Cabal Seminar Volume IV“. This final volume contains Parts VII and VIII of the series. Part VII focuses on ‘Extensions of AD, models with choice’, while Part VIII (‘Other topics’) collects material important to the Cabal that does not fit neatly into one of its main themes. 

In addition to releasing this volume, CUP is offering a 4 volume set of the Cabal Seminar books.  Volume I focuses on the subjects of ‘Games and Scales’ and ‘Suslin Cardinals, Partition Properties, and Homogeneity’, Volume II on ‘Wadge Degrees and Pointclasses’ and ‘Projective Ordinals’, Volume III on ‘HOD and its Local Versions’ and ‘Recursion Theory’, and Volume IV on ‘Extensions of AD, models with choice’.

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