Publication Ethics Policy

Plagiarism, often times, is difficult to discern. The Association of Symbolic Logic, therefore, does not choose to define the term but relies on its editorial boards to determine whether there has been a potential violation of what the Association refers to as Publication Ethics.

In the event an editor believes that they have discovered a potential violation of publication ethics, they should immediately inform the appropriate managing/coordinating editor. The managing/coordinating editor may also discuss the matter with other editors of the same journal. The details of any such allegations shall be forwarded by the managing/coordinating editor of the journal to the Association’s Committee on Publications. The individual alleged to be in violation of publication ethics shall be notified, in writing, of the allegations against them by the Chair of the Committee on Publications. They will have thirty (30) calendar days to submit a written rebuttal to the Committee on Publications. This rebuttal may be no more than fifteen (15) pages in length and shall conform to the U.S. National Science Foundation’s standards and limitations on font size, margins and line spacing, a copy of which shall be provided to the individual.

After a complete and thorough investigation and deliberation, the Committee on Publications shall issue its determination and any appropriate penalties. The managing/coordinating editor involved shall recuse themselves from the deliberations of the Committee.

In the event a submitted manuscript is found to be in violation of publication ethics, the Committee on Publications shall determine the appropriate sanctions. Such sanctions may include, but are not limited to: rejection of the manuscript; banning the author(s) from submitting material to any ASL journal or book series for a period of at least two years; or informing the offender’s head of department, dean or other appropriate official. When the Committee on Publications has made its ruling, it will be communicated in writing to the offending author(s) by the Chair of the Committee. The author(s) may appeal the ruling to the Executive Committee of the Association within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the determination from the Committee on Publications. The Executive Committee shall base its determination solely on the record before it and shall have the responsibility of making a final and binding ruling.

In the event a published work is found to be in violation of publication ethics, the Association of Symbolic Logic shall follow the procedure above. Sanctions issued by the Committee on Publications may also include, but are not limited to, a written apology from the author(s); a retraction or correction in the journal in which the publication appeared; or, in the case of a published book, a retraction or correction in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.

All individuals involved in the determination of a potential violation of publication ethics shall consult the following sources to assist in their deliberations:

The Association of Symbolic Logic prohibits any retaliatory behavior, including, but not limited to intimidation, reprisal, and harassment, directed against any member, author, editor or publisher of the Association who files a complaint alleging a violation of publication ethics or participates in an investigation of the same.