ASL Reviews of Books and Articles

Analytical reviews of selected books and articles in the field of symbolic logic are published quarterly by the Association for Symbolic Logic in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.

Editors for Reviews:

  • Albert Atserias
  • Francesca Boccuni
  • Clinton Conley
  • Valeria de Paiva
  • Johanna Franklin
  • Graham Leach-Krouse, Managing Editor
  • Dugald Macpherson
  • Philipp Ruemmer
  • Marion Scheepers
  • Paul Shafer
  • Nam Trang

Publishers should send books for review to the following address:

Association for Symbolic Logic
Department of Mathematics
University of Connecticut
341 Mansfield Road, U-1009
Storrs, CT 06269-1009, USA

The Reviews Section was founded by Alonzo Church, who was its editor from 1936 until 1979. Herbert Enderton served as the Coordinating Editor from 1980 to 2002. It was published in The Journal of Symbolic Logic from the founding of that journal in 1936 until March, 2000, when the Reviews Section was moved to The Bulletin by the Association. The history of the Reviews is discussed in an article, Alonzo Church and the Reviews, written by Herbert Enderton and published in The Bulletin in 1998.