Lecture Notes in Logic, 54

Homogenous Ordered Graphs, Metrically Homogenous Graphs, and Beyond: Volume 2, 3-Multi-Graphs and 2-Multi-Tournaments

Gregory Cherlin

Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781009229487
288 pages, Hardcover
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This is the second of two volumes by Professor Cherlin presenting the state of the art in the classification of homogeneous structures in binary languages and related problems in the intersection of model theory and combinatorics. Researchers and graduate students in the area will find in these volumes many far-reaching results and interesting new research directions to pursue. This volume continues the analysis of the first volume to 3-multi-graphs and 3-multi-tournaments, expansions of graphs and tournaments by the addition of a further binary relation. The opening chapter provides an overview of the volume, outlining the relevant results and conjectures. The author applies and extends the results of Volume I to obtain a detailed catalogue of such structures and a second classification conjecture. The book ends with an appendix exploring recent advances and open problems in the theory of homogeneous structures and related subjects.


Table of Contents

18. Classification problems for small binary languages

19. Homogeneous 3-multi-graphs

20. Imprimitive homogeneous 2-multi-tournaments

21. 3-constrained homogeneous 2-multi-tournaments

22. Homogeneous 2-multi-tournaments: forbidden triangles


Appendix B. Open problems and some recent results

References for Volume II