Lecture Notes in Logic, 33 

Kurt Gödel, Essays for His Centennial

Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons, Steven G. Simpson, editors

Year: 2010

ISBN-13: 9780521115148
384 pages. Hardcover.
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Kurt Gödel (1906‑1978) did groundbreaking work that transformed logic and other important aspects of our understanding of mathematics, especially his proof of the incompleteness of formalized arithmetic. This book on different aspects of his work and on subjects in which his ideas have contemporary resonance includes papers from a May 2006 symposium celebrating Gödel’s centennial as well as papers from a 2004 symposium. Proof theory, set theory, philosophy of mathematics, and the editing of Gödel’s writings are among the topics covered. Several chapters discuss his intellectual development and his relation to predecessors and contemporaries such as Hilbert, Carnap, and Herbrand. Others consider his views on justification in set theory in light of more recent work and contemporary echoes of his incompleteness theorems and the concept of constructible set.

Table of Contents


  • Solomon Feferman
    The Gödel editorial project: a synopsis
  • John W. Dawson, Jr., and Cheryl A. Dawson
    Future tasks for Gödel scholars

Proof Theory:

  • Jeremy Avigad
    Gödel and the metamatematical tradition
  • Wilfied Sieg
    Only two letters: The corresondence between Herbrand and Gödel
  • W.W. Tait
    Gödel’s reformulation of Gentzen’s first consistency proof for arithmetic: The no-counterexample interpretation
  • W.W. Tait
    Gödel on intuition and on Hilbert’s finitism
  • Stephen G. Simpson
    The Gödel hierarchy and reverse mathematics
  • John P. Burgess
    On the outside looking in: A caution about conservativeness

Set Theory:

  • Akihiro Kanamori
    Gödel and set theory
  • Sy-David Friedman
    Generalisations of Gödel’s universe of constructible sets
  • Peter Koellner
    On the question of absolute undecidability

Philosophy of Mathematics:

  • Martin Davis
    What did Gödel believe and when did he believe it?
  • Warren Goldfarb
    On Gödel’s way in: The influence of Rudolf Carnap
  • Steve Awodey and A.W. Carus
    Gödel and Carnap
  • Mark van Atten and Juliette Kennedy
    On the philosophical development of Kurt Gödel
  • Charles Parsons
    Platonism and mathematical intuition in Kurt Gödel’s thought
  • Donald A. Martin
    Gödel’s conceptual realism