Lecture Notes in Logic, 32

Logic Colloquium 2006

Barry Cooper, Herman Geuvers, Anand Pillay, Jouko Väänänen , editors

Year: 2009

ISBN-13: 9780511601644
384 pages. Hardcover.
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The Annual European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, also known as the Logic Colloquium, is among the most prestigious annual meetings in the field. The current volume with contributions from plenary speakers and selected special session speakers, contains both expository and research papers by some of the best logicians in the world. The most topical areas of current research are covered: valued fields, Hrushovski constructions (from model theory), algorithmic randomness, relative computability (from computability theory), strong forcing axioms and cardinal arithmetic, large cardinals and determinacy (from set theory), as well as foundational topics such as algebraic set theory, reverse mathematics, and unprovability. This volume will be invaluable for experts as well as those interested in an overview of central contemporary themes in mathematical logic.

Table of Contents

  • Marat M. Arslanov
    Definability and elementary equivalence in the Ershov difference hierarchy
  • Benno van den Berg and Leke Moerdijk
    A unified approach to algebraic set theory
  • Andrey Bovykin
    Brief introduction to unprovability
  • Venanzio Capretta and Amy P. Felty
    Higher-order abstract syntax in type theory
  • Raf Cluckers
    An introduction to b-minimality
  • Rod Downey
    The sixth lecture on algorithmic randomness
  • Harvey M. Friedman
    The inevitability of logical strength: strict reverse mathematics
  • Martin Goldstern
    Applications of logic in algebra: examples from clone theory
  • Ehud Hrushovski
    On infinite imaginaries
  • Andrew E. M. Lewis
    Strong minimal covers and a question of Yates: the story so far
  • Antonio Montalban
    Embeddings into the Turing degrees
  • Jan Reimann
    Randomness – beyond Lebesgue measure
  • J. R. Steel
    The derived model theorem
  • Boban Velivckovic
    Forcing axioms and cardinal arithmetic
  • Frank O. Wagner
    Hrushovski’s amalgamation construction