Lecture Notes in Logic, 29

Logic Colloquium 2004

Alessandro Andretta, Keith Kearnes, Domenico Zambella, editors

Year: 2008

236 pages. Hardcover.
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Highlights of this volume from the 2004 Annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) include a tutorial survey of the recent highpoints of universal algebra, written by a leading expert; explorations of foundational questions; a quartet of model theory papers giving an excellent reflection of current work in model theory, from the most abstract aspect “abstract elementary classes” to issues around p-adic integration.

Table of Contents

  • John T. Baldwin
    Abstract elementary classes: some answers, more questions
  • Tomek Bartoszynski and Saharon Shelah
    On the density of Hausdorff ultrafilters
  • Alessandro Berarducci
    Zero groups and maximal tori
  • A. Cantini and L. Crosilla
    Constructive set theory with operations
  • Raf Cluckers
    Parametrized local zeta functions
  • Colourings of hypergraphs, permutation groups and CSP’s
    Benoit Larose and Lucien Haddad
  • Paolo Lipparini
    Congruence, tolerance identities; congruence modularity; shifting principle
  • Anton Setzer
    Universes in type theory part I – inaccessibles and Mahlo
  • Frank Stephan
    Hausdorff dimension and weak truth table reducibility
  • Gugglielmo Tamburrini and Edoardo Datteri
    Computation and the explanation of intelligent behaviours: ethnologically motivated restart
  • Ivan Tomasic
    Constructible sheaves and definability
  • Ross Willard
    An overview of modern universal algebra