Lecture Notes in Logic, 20

Logic Colloquium ’01
Proceedings of the Annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, held in Vienna, Austria
August 6 – 11, 2001

Matthias Baaz, Sy-David Friedman, Jan Krajícek, editors

Year: 2005
ISBN: 1-56881-248-5
496 pages. Paperback.

Year: 2005
350 pages. Hardcover.

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A compilation of papers presented at th 2001 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symboli Logic, Logic Colloquium 01 includes surveys and research article from some of the worlds preeminent logicians. Two long article are based on tutorials given at the meeting and present accessibl expositions of research in two active areas of logic, geometri model theory and descriptive set theory of group actions.

The remaining articles cover seperate research topics in many areas of mathematical logic, including applications in Computer Science, Proof Theory, Set Theory, Model Theory, Computability Theory, and aspects of Philosophy.

Table of Contents


  • Resolution theorem proving; a logical point of view.
    Alexander Leitsch
  • An introduction to proofs of determinacy of long games.
    Itay Neeman


  • Modified bar recursion and classical dependent choice.
    Ulrich Berger and Paulo Oliva
  • Choice and uniformity in weak applicative theories.
    Andrea Cantini
  • Compactness and incompactness phenomena in set theory.
    James Cummings
  • Selection for Borel relations.
    Harvey M. Friedman
  • Interpolation in goal-directed proof systems 1.
    D.M. gabbay and N. Olivetti
  • Sequences of degrees associated with models of arithmetic.
    Julia F. Knight
  • The limit theory of generic polynomials.
    Pascal Koiran
  • Moschovakis’s notion of meaning as applied to linguistics.
    Michiel van Lambalgen and Fritz Hamm
  • Tameness in expansions of the real field.
    Chris Miller
  • The model theory of compact complex spaces.
    Rahim N. Moosa
  • “Natural” represtations and extensions of Gödel’s second theorem.
    Karl-Goerg Niebergall
  • Effective Husdorff dimension.
    Jan Reimann and Frank Stephan
  • Mutual stationarity in the core model.
    Ralf Schindler
  • The pair $(\aleph_n, \aleph_0)$ may fail $\aleph_0$-compactness.
    Saharon Shelah
  • Incompleteness theorem and its frontier.
    Gaisi Takeuti
  • Groups in Simple Theories.
    Frank Wagner
  • Provable recursiveness and complexity.
    S.S. Wainer