Lecture Notes in Logic 15

Reflections on the Foundations of Mathematics: Essays in Honor of Solomon Feferman

Wilfried Sieg , Richard Sommer and Carolyn Talcott, Editors

Year: 2002
ISBN: 1-56881-169-1
450 pages. Hardcover.

Year: 2002
ISBN: 1-56881-170-5
450 pages. Paperback.

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Solomon Feferman has shaped the field of foundational research for nearly half a century. These papers, most of which were presented at the symposium honoring him at his 70th birthday, reflect his broad interests as well as his approach to foundational research, which places the solution of mathematical and philosophical problems at the top of his agenda. The contributions range from historical to technical to philosophical topics, with emphasis on proof theory and computational aspects.

Table of Contents

Part I: Proof Theoretic Analysis

  • Ordinal analysis without proofs.
    Jeremy Avigad
  • Relating ordinals to proofs in a perspicuous way.
    Wilfried Buchholz
  • Internal finite tree embeddings.
    Harvey M. Friedman
  • Foundational and mathematical uses of higher types.
    Ulrich Kohlenbach
  • The epsilon substitution method and continuity.
    Girgori Mints
  • Predicativity: The outer limits.
    Stephen G. Simpson

Part II: Logic and Computation

  • A pragmatic interpretation of substructural logics.
    Gianluigi Bellin and Carlo Dalla Pozza
  • Computational complexity and induction for partial computable functions in type theory.
    Robert L. Constable and Karl Crary
  • Computability theory: structure or algorithms
    Jens Erik Fenstad
  • Three processes in natural language interpretation.
    Tim Fernando
  • Infinitary initial algebra specifications for stream algebras.
    J.V. Tucker and J.I. Zucker

Part III: Applicative and Self-Applicative Theories

  • On extensionality, uniformity and comprehension in the theories of operations and classes.
    Andrea Cantini
  • The proof-theoretic analysis of the Suslin operator in applicative theories.
    Gehard Jäger and Thomas Strahm
  • Feferman-Landin Logic.
    Ian A. Mason and Carolyn L. Talcott
  • Explicit mathematics with monotone inductive definitions: A survey.
    Michael Rathjen

Part IV: Philosophy of Modern Mathematical and Logical Thought

  • On the constructivity of proofs. A debate among Behmann, Bernays, Gödel, and Kaufmann.
    Paolo Mancosu
  • Realism and the debate on impredicativity, 1917-1944*.
    Charles Parsons
  • Calculations by man and machine: conceptual analysis*.
    Wilfried Sieg
  • Remarks on finitism.
    W.W. Tait
  • Logical constants: the variable fortunes of an elusive notion.
    Johan van Benthem