Lecture Notes in Logic, 11

Logic Colloquium ’95
Proceedings of the Annual European Summer Meeting of the Association of Symbolic Logic, held in Haifa, Israel, August 9–18, 1995

Johann A. Makowsky and Elena V. Ravve (Editors)

Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781107167902
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This volume, the eleventh publication in the Lecture Notes in Logic series, collects the proceedings of the Annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, held in 1995. It includes papers in the core areas of set theory, model theory, proof theory and recursion theory, as well as the more recent topics of finite model theory and non-monotonic logic. It also includes a tutorial on interactive proofs, zero-knowledge and computationally sound proofs that reported on recent developments in theoretical computer science, and three plenary lectures dedicated to the foundational and technical evolution of set theory over the past 100 years.

Table of Contents

  1. The number of path-components of a compact subset of R^\ltimes H. Becker
  2. Intervals without critical triples P. Cholak, R. Downey and R. Shore
  3. Beyond Gödel’s theorem – Turing nonrigidity revisited S. B. Cooper
  4. Types and indescernibles in finite models A. Dawar
  5. Model theory of modules I. Herzog
  6. Noninterpretability of infinite linear orders W. Hodges and A. Nies
  7. Combinatorial principles from adding Cohen reals I. Juhász, L. Soukup and Z. Szentmiklóssy
  8. Extensions of models of PV J. Krajíček
  9. Convergence laws for random graphs J. F. Lynch
  10. V=L and maximize P. Maddy
  11. Towards a categorical foundation of mathematics M. Makkai
  12. Strongly minimal sets and geometry D. Marker
  13. Computationally-sound proofs S. Micali
  14. Lambek calculus and formal languages M. Pentus
  15. Zil’ber’s trichotomy and o-minimal structures Y. Peterzil
  16. The higher infinite in proof theory M. Rathjen
  17. There may be no nowhere dense ultrafilter S. Shelah
  18. Towards recursive model theory A. P. Stolboushkin
  19. Accessible segments of the fast-growing hierarchy S. S. Wainer