The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Submission Guidelines

Communications will be quickly refereed and published within six months of receipt of the final versions.

We have a new online web based management system for the BSL. Both articles and communications should now be submitted via the ASL’s journal management website.

The preferred format for submissions is pdf. Other standard formats may also be used at the submission stage (ps, dvi, word) if it is not possible to convert them to pdf. After acceptance a Latex source file, preferably using the asl document class (asl.cls) and BibTeX style (asl.bst) which can be found at the Author Resources page, would be much appreciated. A pdf file produced from the source code is also requested at that time.

A link to a pdf file of the published version of accepted papers which can be distributed by the authors will be supplied at no charge. The ASL policy on plagiarism applies to BSL.

If you cannot get the system to work or experience difficulties, please email with a description of the problem.

The BSL publishes only original papers that have not been published previously, and are not submitted for publication elsewhere. Full versions of important papers that have previously been published in conference proceedings are eligible for publication, provided that the submitted paper extends the pre-publication in a significant way. In such cases, when authors submit a paper for publication in the BSL they are requested to provide a precise reference to the pre-publication and to explain the extent to which the submission differs from the conference version.

All issues of The Bulletin are available online as PostScript files. A Table of Contents provides links to articles, which are in the form of PostScript files.