Advertising in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Ad Specifications

  • The printed area of a BSL page is 48 picas (19.395 cm) tall and 29 picas (12.227 cm) wide; an ad should fit within this area.
  • Format for submission is a .ps (PostScript) file at 1200 dpi.
  • Method of submission is by e-mail attachment to


  • March issue – December 1
  • June issue – March 1
  • September issue – June 1
  • December issue – September 1
  • Ads submitted by the deadline are typically published in the next issue to go to print but this cannot be guaranteed.


  • $300 full page ad (black and white)

Purchasing Mailing Lists

What is available

  • Mailing list of current individual ASL members and/or subscribers (institutions, libraries) is available for one-time use only.
  • Spreadsheet format only.
  • Once ordered, please allow up to 1 week for delivery; list will be sent directly from our membership/fulfillment agency at the American Mathematical Society.


  • A copy of the proposed mailing piece must be submitted to and approved by the Secretary-Treasurer of the ASL.
  • Once approved, payment may be made either by Visa, MasterCard or check, payable to the Association for Symbolic Logic (see rates and approximate number of names per category below).
  • A letter of agreement must be signed and returned to the ASL prior to the distribution of any list. Click here to download a copy of the letter.


  • The list may not be copied for reuse or reused in any form; all future mailings require a new request, approval, and payment.
  • By agreeing to supply a mailing list for a particular mailing, the ASL does not imply any authorization to mention the Association in any way in the mailing. Such use would need to be explicitly authorized by us in advance.

Prices and approximate number of names per category (number of labels are based on the June 2013 demographics report)

Category Approximate # of names Price
US members only 566 $125.00
US & Canada members 642 $140.00
Non-US members only 712 $125.00
All members 1278 $200.00
All subscribers 390 $115.00
All members and subscribers 1668 $300.00