Outreach Memberships

The ASL offers reduced dues for individual and institutional members in developing economies. This program applies to individuals and institutions residing in countries whose economies are classified as ‘upper middle income’ or below on the World Bank’s annual list for four of the preceding five years. For 2018, individual outreach membership dues are US$18. A discounted introductory rate is available to new individual outreach members of the Association for the first two consecutive years of membership (US$9 in 2018 and 2019). For 2018, Basic Institutional Members dues are US$130 and Full Institutional Members dues are US$180.

Individual Outreach Membership

Institutional Outreach Membership

Free Initial Individual Outreach Memberships and Outreach Membership Fund:

In March of 2011 four ASL members jointly donated $1000 to establish an Outreach Membership Fund. The purpose of the fund is to cover the initial membership fee for new and lapsed members from developing economies for the first two years of membership. All new or lapsed members from any of the countries listed at the World Bank list of developing economies can apply.

Applications should be emailed to the ASL Membership Committee at asl-membership@googlegroups.com. Applicants should include their full mailing address and their professional affiliation. Applicants residing in countries not considered developing economies are not eligible.

Donations to the fund can be made directly to the ASL Business office or when an individual ASL member renews her/his membership.