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Address Changes

Please send all mailing address and email address changes/updates to:

Association for Symbolic Logic
c/o Membership Services Department
Cambridge University Press
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY 10006
800-872-7423, option 1, then option 2 toll free

Online Journal Access for ASL Members

In addition to the current year, access to the full-text of The Journal of Symbolic Logic for the years 1936-2017 and to the full-text of The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic for the years 1995-2017 is available to all ASL members via Cambridge University Press.

To access the journals online, use your username and password to login onto the new platform of the Cambridge site. Logging in will enable you then to access all issues, current and past, of both JSL and BSL.

Current ASL members who want to access 2017 journals online, but have not yet renewed for 2018, will need to access online content via the old CUP platform (see instructions).

In case of difficulty please contact the ASL Membership Services department at Cambridge University Press (

Archive issues of The Journal of Symbolic Logic (years 1936-2017) and of The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (years 1995-2017) will match functionality of current issues, (including full text search and reference linking, amongst others things), and members will benefit from seamless integration of current and back issues.

Members will also have the option of getting access through JSTOR. You will receive an email from JSTOR ( prompting you to register for access. Please contact for any questions about your account.

ASL Member Discounts

Book Discounts

Journals Discounts

  • Special rate for members for Journal of Philosophical Logic
    2018 prices: Members rate for ASL (print plus online, includes shipping): $61USD (Americas), EUR46.00 (Rest of the World)
    To subscribe, or for more information, email: (state ASL membership and the special subscription rate).
  • Special rate for members forJournal of Logic and Computation 
    2018 prices: Members rate for ASL (print plus free online): $602, £316, €474
  • Special rate for members for History and Philosophy of Logic
    2018 prices: Members rate for ASL ( print-only): $72US, £44; Contact
    Subscriptions are for the private use; are received at the private address of member; and are not placed in a physical or digital library nor in any way used to substitute for an existing or potential library (full) subscription. Evidence of deviation from the above terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of the subscription.
  • Special rate for members for Studia Logica 
    2018 prices: Members rate for ASL ( print and online): $75USD (Americas) , EUR75 (Rest of the World)
    Discount code: 11225M1
  • Special rate for members for Philosophia Mathematica
    2018 prices: Members rate for ASL (online access only): $50US, £31, €39
  • Special rate for members for Studies in Logic 
    2018 prices: Individual Members rate for ASL: $30US annual subscription, $9US for a single issue; Student ASL members $15US annual subscription, $4.80US for a single issue. Institutional Members rate: $12 single issue, $48 annual subscription.

Other Discounts

  • Students are given a 50% discount on membership dues.
  • Members can purchase the following at a 50% discount:
    • Back Volumes to The Journal of Symbolic Logic (Volumes 1 – 82) and The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (Volumes 1 – 23).
    • Indexes to The JSL. Volume 26 (1961) of The Journal of Symbolic Logic is an index for Volumes 1-25; Number 4 of Volume 45 (1980) is an index for Volumes 27-45. These two indexes may be purchased together for $200.00. Number 4 of Volume 55 (1990) is a cumulative index for Volumes 27-55; it may be purchased for $80.00.
    • A Bibliography of Symbolic Logic by Alonzo Church, in an expanded form, is available. This includes parts of Volumes 1 and 3 of The Journal of Symbolic Logic as well as additional references that came to light since the original bibliography was published. The price is $40.00.